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Impeder clusters are a cost-effective alternative to individual impeders for larger tubes. Clusters are available in many configurations for O.D. 5” – 24” (127 – 610 mm). EHE’s ‘Quick Change System’ uses Parker quick-connect couplings to allow rapid replacement of the impeders, often without having to cut the tube. These fittings also eliminate damaged threads and impeder alignment problems.Impeders do not usually need to form a circle inside large tubes.

Larger clusters therefore typically consist of two arcs of impeders positioned close to the top inside surface of the tube. In certain cases a rectangular impeder at the top center position is used for maximum welding efficiency.Cluster assemblies consist of an aluminum manifold with a clamping system. Also included is a spacer plate to maintain correct alignment of the impeders. Coolant connections are flexible hoses or copper tubing. Returnflow cluster assemblies are available as an option.


For pipes larger than O.D. 8” (219 mm), clusters of rectangular impeders are an efficient solution. Rectangular impeders are also the preferred method in cases where the product is welded as a square, rectangle or step beam section. Our 1” x 2” (25.4 x 51.0 mm) rectangular impeders are available in lengths up to 60” (1525 mm)

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