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Distributor of Resistance and Spot Welding supplies and consumables

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C Since 1980, Tec Welding Sales has been a provider of resistance and spot welding consumables to manufactures in the automotive, furniture, agricultural, appliance, and personal product industries.
In 1983, Tec Welding Sales joined forces with Electronic Heating Equipment to provide high frequency welding consumables to the welded tube industry.
We provide Resistance Welding Electrodes, Spot Welding Caps, Bent Adaptors, TiCap, Welding Arms, Transformers, Cables, X13, Copper Bar Stock & Plate, Copper Tungsten, Welding Cylinders, Electrode Dressers, Tip & Cap Extractors, Electrode Holders, Force Gauges, Flash Suppressors, Laminated Shunts, Seam Welding Wheels, Cap Shanks, Stud and Nut Electrodes, Glidcop®. Flow Through Impeders, Induction Welding Coils, Casing Material, Scarfing inserts, TDK Ferrite, Impeder Tester, Coil Holders, Ferroglass, Return Flow Impeders, Support Systems, Impeder Couplings, Mandrel Impeders, Rectangle Impeders, Contact Shoes, Impeder Cooling Systems, Ferromax.

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TecWelding Sales
3202 Adventure Lane
Oxford MI 48371

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