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Force Gauges

We offer one of the broadest product lines available today

We offer a broad range of weld force gauges, available with accuracies from 0.5% for Digital-Electronic gauges; to 2% accuracy for the Digital-Hydraulic which has a digital output driven by hydraulics; to our Standard Hydraulic models with 2%-3% accuracy. All are available in English and metric readouts.


Tip Socket Reamers

Hole in reamer center permits water tube entry; no need to dismantle holder.

Tuffcap Socket Reamers

To ream or dress sockets to hold male caps.


Tip Dressing Tool

To remove mushroomed nose material on a pair of tips of 4 or 5 RW size, having pointed or dome noses. Other nose design dressers on special order.


Tip File

To restore original contours of welding tips use this two-inch radius file. Part No. 601-0120.





Male Cap Extractor 

Male cap extractor has long lever handles for easier cap removal. In two dual-size models: EX-45 and EX-56.

44.522     Cap Extractor

Cap extractors are made for three shank sizes: Models EX-4F, EX-5F, and EX-6F.
Tip Extractor

Large: EX-10-A, Part No. 601-0231
extractorfork     Cap Extractor Fork
These hardened steel wedge type forks will make the removal of electrodes caps quick and easy. They can be used on both male and female caps.

Taper ToolTM

Patent Pending Taper ToolTM hones the taper on shanks and electrode arms to prolong the life of a gun arm.

Repairing tapers on shanks and arms is expensive.  Downtime in production, searching for the correct arm, disassembling the arm, cutting out the old taper, soldering in a new taper, aligning and reinstalling the arm, cleaning up the cooling water mess, all takes a lot of time.

Now, minor repairs to worn tapers and preventative maintenance can extend the life of shanks and arms.




Weld Flash Shield

 Diameter of ElectrodeStandard Flash Shield*Mini Flash Shield**
  1/2” Not Available FSJN500
  5/8” 1089FS625 FSJN625
  3/4” Not Available FSJN750
  7/8” 1089FS875 Not Available

*Standard size shields have a bell that extends approximately 1-1/2”.
**Mini flash shields have a bell that extends approximately 3/8” which provides better visibility for manual weld gun operations.




Weld Current Monitor

Features and Benefits:

  • Measures weld current, weld cycles and conduction degrees
  • Battery-free memory
  • Automatic power-off system
  • Up to 9 impulse memory capacity
  • Large, easy-to-see liquid crystal display
  • Oil and dust proof case
  • Torodial coil, battery charger and carrying case include