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Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.40.05 AMFerrite is the most critical component in an impeder. Some manufacturers use a grade that is inexpensive , but is designed for use as antenna rods in portable radios, not for the high power density and high temperatures which occur in tube welding. EHE ferrite has been specifically formulated to our specifications, and has higher saturation flux density, higher Curie temperature & lower losses than types available from other sources. This material requires less than half the cooling of other types, so the impeders operate at a lower temperature, and the working life is greatly increased. This means less impeder changes, and mill downtime is reduced. 

TDK grade IP-H ferrite 25 years ago, TDK Electronics developed the first grade of ferrite specifically formulated for induction tube welding. Recent improvements have led to lower power losses & higher welding speeds, with TDK’s IP-H grade now considered the standard against which other brands are judged. This ferrite is manufactured to the closest tolerances in the industry. It is the natural choice where consistency, straightness & highest magnetic & electrical performance is required.

Ferromax 2000™ ferrite EHE ’s own brand of high performance ferrite . Ferromax 2000™ is manufactured to our specifications by leading ferrite producers around the world. By using multiple sources, we are able to offer top quality ferrite, short delivery times & lower prices. In some instances, Ferromax 2000™ is a s much a s 40% less expensive than other brands.